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Our team

Here are some studies that are or have been a part of our team: 


International Banking and Finance
International Management and Leadership
Socio- Ecological Economics and Policies
International Development
Molecular Microbiology
and more…



International Business
International Management
Business Administration
Business Informatics
Business Law
European Economy and Business Management
Environmental Bio-resource Management
Cultural-Social Anthropology

Mass Media and Communication
Graphic Design
Education Science
Technical Physics
and more…

Okan McAllister

Founder, President

Greta Webhofer

Human Resources

Dennis Zamfir

Human Resources

Paulina Paulova

Social Innovation

Alina Müller

Social Education

Hannah Tschojer

Social Education

Deborah Rammrath

Social Business

Linda Ostheimer

Social Innovation

Radka Svobodová

Finance and Legal

Melina Rudneva

Social Business

Naomi Hayoun

Social Business

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