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Our team

Here are some studies that are or have been a part of our team: 


International Banking and Finance
International Management and Leadership
Socio- Ecological Economics and Policies
International Development
Molecular Microbiology
and more…



International Business
International Management
Business Administration
Business Informatics
Business Law
European Economy and Business Management
Environmental Bio-resource Management
Cultural-Social Anthropology

Mass Media and Communication
Graphic Design
Education Science
Technical Physics
and more…

This is us

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Greta Webhofer

Human Resources

Greta, just like her colleague in HR is the invisible glue that holds us all together. She is the person you go to in the program when you need anything. Just name it, she will make it happen.

Melina Rudneva

Social Business

Melina is responsible for the IT related tasks of kindby. She makes sure that our website looks nice and runs well.

Daniel Zenz

Social Business

Daniel is responsible for the product management of kindby. He makes sure that the boxes we rent out for look incredible, and analyzes the full customer experience of the customer to ensure our smooth transition to a circular economy.

Sabrina Epple

Social Business

Sabrina is responsible for social media, and content marketing for kindby. She makes sure that the world hears about Austria’s first online store that rents out baby clothing and accessories. Circular economy, here we come!

Damian Bednarz

Social Innovation

Damian talks to academics, NGOs and companies to in order to research the challenges we provide at our annual conference ONE DAY.

Nina Ameseder

Social Innovation

Nina is the marketing ninja of the Social Innovation team! She is responsible for marketing and logistics for our annual conference ONE DAY, as well as our meetups that come before the conference.

Asim Behari

Social Innovation

Asim is responsible for finding and raising funding for our annual conference ONE DAY, happening every year. #networking

Weirong Li

Social Innovation

Weirong is responsible for finding speakers for our annual conference ONE DAY, along with our meetups every year.

Katharina Heinz

Social Education

Kathi made us sad when she had to leave us for her exchange semester, but she is back! She is responsible for creating and delivering workshops for children on the topics of waste, gender equality and responsible digitalisation.

Nina Heinrich

Social Education

Nina works on creating the workshops that children go through in the topics of waste, gender equality and responsible digitalisation. She is also responsible for testing and getting feedback on our workshops from teachers.

Maria Ozheredova

Human Resources

Maria is responsible for the marketing, and the management of the organisation along with her colleagues in the Human Resources department. She is the invisible glue that holds us all together.



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