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PRIME MOVERS receives its first funding for its venture on circular economy: kindby

What is kindby?

The textile industry is responsible for 1.2 billion tonnes of CO2e a year. It’s the second largest polluter in the world, while being the largest polluter of water on the planet.

The frustration about the fast fashion industry and e-commerce practices gave birth to our first social startup as PRIME MOVERS.


kindby is Austria’s first online platform where you rent ethically made baby clothing and accessories.

Customers pick the items that they like, and create a customized box for themselves. They pay 5-10% of the retail price per month. Considering the different sizes the babies go through quickly, they save around 60%, while providing their baby with the best quality available.

kindby is a lot more than that, though.

Our mission is to build the best case practice for textiles in e-commerce from the circular economy perspective.

We are not alone in our mission. We are grateful that our vision for kindby is shared by many other people, including aws.

kindby is thrilled to be part of the aws first program, which includes pre-seed funding for kindby among mentorship and workshops.

What now?

We are focusing on getting to know our potential customers. For startups this means to “get out of the building!

We are talking to customers, getting to know them better and creating feedback loops that guide our pre-launch strategy. Meanwhile, we are collecting emails for our wait list packed with deep discounts, with a soft-launched planned for Q1 2020.

Want to support kindby?

Well, you can share this post and let the world know! Or contact us here.

We feel supported, disciplined, and ready.

More updates will be posted on here.

Can’t wait!