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ONE DAY, we will live in a world that we are proud of. ONE DAY is all about how we can create that world together.


ONE DAY: The Conference

ONE DAY is an annual conference that enables people to create ideas to help and solve environmental and societal challenges, as well as learn about how system change happens from a system science perspective. The event takes place every March, focusing on solid waste, gender equality, and responsible digitalisation.

It addresses;

This is done through:

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The ONE DAY Lab is the cornerstone session of ONE DAY: The Conference



Break silos
We talk to academics, civil society and the private sector to identify the problem areas of each issue.

Refining the expertise
We structure the information gained about the problem areas and turn these into specific challenges to use at the conference.

3. THE CONFERENCE: Coming up with the solutions!
You work in a group of six on a challenge of this issue supported by the experts. The aim is to come up with solutions in the form of social businesses, app/websites, and educational frameworks!

Our team evaluates the outcomes and develop an action plan on the implementation of the chosen ideas.

5. IMPLEMENTATION: This is our focus. Let’s get to work!
Conferences do not have to end in just inspiration and empowerment. This is what sets us apart! Our team will implement the best ideas along with regular progress reports or connect the ideas and research with existing entrepreneurship networks


ONE DAY: The Meetup

We believe that one must understand the challenges deeply before you can offer solutions.

ONE DAY: The Meetup is a series of talks that focus on understanding the systems behind certain social and environmental challenges. 

The outputs collected in these meetups are taken to ONE DAY: The Conference to innovate within these systems, which happens annually every March.

To keep up-to-date, learn more about social and environmental challenges, receive positive news, explore jobs in social businesses and more, join our group ONE DAY: The Community.


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ONE DAY: The Community

ONE DAY: The Community is a group of diverse people passionate about systems change.


ONE DAY: The Resource Library

Want to learn more about what systems thinking is? Social Innovation? And more? We have curated the best short and long form content from all over the web for all levels of experience with these topics here. It’s free! 


Name of ventureONE DAY: The Conference
TypeSystems Innovation
Impact AreaWaste, Food Waste, Gender Equality, Digitalisation, Social Innovation


For a list of this year’s partners please visit www.oneday.at.

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