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kindby is the best case practice for textiles in e-commerce from a circular economy perspective. It is an online store on which you can buy and rent ethically made baby clothing and accessories. 

We are saving 93% of related CO2 emissions per year, largely thanks to our reuse model but also the materials we use. There are three ways to tackle textile waste: One is reusing, which is our core business. Second is recycling. We only use fully recyclable clothing, and make all steps necessary to not incinerate our products. The third way is perhaps the most difficult: educating people to reduce unsustainable consumption, which is why the portion of the profits made from kindby will be re-invested into our education program Mission Liftoff

You can find out more at www.kindby.com

Name of venturekindby
TypeSocial Business
Impact AreaCircular economy, textile waste

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Awards and nominations

Winner at Climate Launchpad Austria 2018
Finalist at European Youth Award 2018
Incubatee at RCE Playpark 2018
Finalist at Social Impact Award 2018