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PRIME MOVERS publishes a manifesto focusing on youth and systems thinking

The world is shaped by you.

We are faced with a world of ever-increasing complexity. In many cases, this leads to helplessness and frustration in the face of the problems that need to be addressed. Youth is taught to confuse lack of know-how with impossibility. The lucky few that find a community to take action in, engage until the passion and the empathy they have is slowly scraped off to make way for lower risk careers.

We would like to change that through a different method of youth engagement.

We believe in the ability of people to shape the world. PRIME MOVERS will include a three-stage process to transform youth that embody and represent that core belief.

Education: So far, we have embraced a Newtonian-based model of cause and effect to find solutions for societal challenges. With increasing complexity, this is proving to be increasingly inefficient. Therefore, our select inductees will go through the PRIME MOVERS program focused on learning about two knowledge areas: systems thinking and the tools they need to be effective social and systems entrepreneurs. The program spans two years with a dedication of five to ten hours a week and includes over 40 workshops (and counting) ranging from branding to emotional intelligence.

Engagement: So far, a proven method of youth engagement has been to give youth a great deal of freedom within a loosely set framework. The challenge with this has been that the resources invested by youth in these engagement models is most impactful in the individual and social level, where the systemic level needs improvement. During the PRIME MOVERS program, inductees are educated in the ecosystems behind the challenges we face, taught how they can find gaps for social innovation, help create social businesses that bridge systemic gaps in different areas, and educate children about the social challenges that we currently focus on, which allows them to apply their knowledge from the workshops directly into real life projects. As of right now, these areas currently include waste, food waste, gender equality, and challenges of digitalization.

Employment: One of the midterm goals of PRIME MOVERS is to create a portfolio of financially sustainable social businesses among other initiatives. Volunteering or youth engagement does not have to stay as activities done for a year or two during school years. We believe that youth must have plenty of options in finding careers in purposeful work, actively working towards making the world a better place. Fulfilling this program not only prepares inductees for entry in existing initiatives that utilize systemic thinking, but also employ inductees in or share ownership of our own portfolio of social businesses, providing them with careers that they are passionate about.

We will serve as a systemic learning and engagement platform for youth, and will enable people to believe in their abilities to shape the world.

Thank you for the overwhelming support we have received so far, we are looking forward to the next chapter.