The best opportunity for students in the first half of their university career

“I have learned more about marketing here in four months, than the 4 years of my international business degree, specialising in marketing.” Ok… Here is why we claim that we are the best option for students in the beginning of their academic career. We don’t want to pat ourselves in the back too much, at...
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Alumni stories: Radka

What is the most favourite part of your current job?  My favourite part of the Climate-KIC is the “C” that stands for community; that we catalyse change and positive impact not only in the European Union but already across all continents – together with public and private partners = cities, regions, governments, universities, companies, start-ups,...
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PRIME MOVERS receives its first funding for its venture on circular economy: kindby

What is kindby? The textile industry is responsible for 1.2 billion tonnes of CO2e a year. It’s the second largest polluter in the world, while being the largest polluter of water on the planet. The frustration about the fast fashion industry and e-commerce practices gave birth to our first social startup as PRIME MOVERS. kindby....
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Branding workshop from the PRIME MOVERS program

A more in depth look into the PRIME MOVERS program The branding workshop is held in the first semester of the PRIME MOVERS program. It focuses on what good and great brands do, and how to create a strategy for creating a brand for your social business.  What it is Branding can be divided into...
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PRIME MOVERS publishes a manifesto focusing on youth and systems thinking

The world is shaped by you. We are faced with a world of ever-increasing complexity. In many cases, this leads to helplessness and frustration in the face of the problems that need to be addressed. Youth is taught to confuse lack of know-how with impossibility. The lucky few that find a community to take action...
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