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There are loads of reasons I like about this special environment we call PRIME MOVERS. It is familiar, and at the same time professional. It is challenging your mindset, your habits and your limits. It is about trust, it is about the people. It is not easy, it is worth it.

Philipp Steininger
Social Education team

In order to reach a common goal and bring about change, a supporting and passionate team is the solid foundation. All actions are interconnected, starting at the very root and working together, step by step. That’s just one of the million things I learnt in being part of PRIME MOVERS.

Nina Ameseder
Social Innovation team

PRIME MOVERS not only made me learn a lot about start-ups, sustainability and social businesses so far but also helped me develop myself personally regarding my interests and strengths. I like the team spirit, supporting each other and creating some great memories at team events and also that everyone is respected the way they are.

Alina Schütz
Social Business team

For me, being part of PRIME MOVERS means to be part of an amazing team, to learn and grow together and to change social issues from a different and a more holistic approach.

Katharina Heinz
Social Education team

The most valuable thing you can have in your younger years is a safe-space where you can try things out, fail, learn and grow. PRIME MOVERS offers exactly that and gives you the tools so you can make the world a better place.

Daniel Zenz
Social Business team

Being a part of PRIME MOVERS is not only about the new knowledge and skills you will acquire, but also about the team. You will meet great people who love what they are doing and who will constantly inspire you to be the best version of yourself.

Sabrina Epple
Social Business team

Applications are open now until 28. October 2021.

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Our alumni

Here is what some of our alumni are up to nowadays

Martina Beleva

Former Sustainability Officer at London School of Economics (LSE). Current MSc student in Sustainability Policy at LSE.

Radka Svobodová