PRIME MOVERS was previously known as Students' Impact Initiative.
PRIME MOVERS was previously known as Students' Impact Initiative.

We provide a hands-on leadership program for young people that are passionate about social and environmental change.

PRIME MOVERS in three steps

It consists of 3 E's: Education, Engagement and Employment

We educate you in systems entrepreneurship

We believe in engaging, ongoing and immersive education that gives you the tools to take action in systems change. Within the two-year* program, you attend workshops ranging from SEO (search engine optimisation) and Growth Hacking, to emotional intelligence and time management and more.

*completion of the entire program is not compulsory

You engage in impactful initiatives

We have various initiatives in different areas where you will apply your learnings right away. Want to help start social startups? Find solutions to societal challenges? Teach children about sustainability, gender equality or challenges that come with digitalisation? You can choose to work on social entrepreneurship, social innovation or social education throughout the program.

As an alumni, you are employed in doing what you love

Going after your passion does not have to stop at volunteering. After you complete the PRIME MOVERS program, you can either apply to be employed in one of our ventures, or transition into purposeful careers in different organizations we work with.

Our focus areas

Waste and food waste

Gender equality


Get to know us


Born and raised in Southern Tyrol (Italy), Greta moved to Vienna for her studies and became part of the Human Resources team.


“My favorite part about PRIME MOVERS is that everyone has a chance to take part, even though you don’t have previous experience. You learn about social businesses, branding strategies, working in a team but also about yourself”

What do you think is a crucial societal challenge?

I think in our society we have two main problems. 1. People are not educated on important societal issues 2. People don’t feel responsible for those societal issues and don’t believe that they can change something.

What do you think could be a good solution?
Classes about current global issues in every classroom and presenting solutions.

“ONE DAY, I’d like to live in a world where each and everyone realizes that they are responsible for the earth.”

What was your favorite workshop in the program so far?

Principles of Graphic Design and Introduction to Adobe Illustrator

“My favorite thing about PRIME MOVERS are the people and the amazing energy. We learn a lot from each other and also through the workshops we get. It was amazing to see during our onboarding weekend that we had couple of workshops, and we already came up with a strategy for the whole semester for each venture! That was a very powerful experience, and we’re learning by doing right after we get the “theory” from the workshops.”

Where do you see a societal challenge that we need to address?
What concerns me personally the most since I relate to fashion the most, are the working conditions of factory workers in the fashion industry and textile waste.

What do you think could be the solution?
I would like to raise awareness about the issue of the working conditions of the factory workers in the fashion industry and also come up with new possibilities on how to make a circular solution for the use of clothes which we already have.

“ONE DAY I’d like to live in a world where the Sustainable Development Goals are achieved and people feel loved.”

What is your favorite workshop in the program so far?

My favorite workshop so far in the PRIME MOVERS program was the Pitching workshop. This is not because I didn’t know how to pitch, but because the structure of the workshop implied the statement: “Less talking, more doing”


Paulina has completed her bachelor's degree in Education Science at the University of Vienna. Her passion lies in connecting education, fashion, sustainability and innovation. She is currently in the Social Innovation team.

How your growth is accelerated

Skills that last a lifetime

Emotional intelligence, team work, time management and more. Skills you pick up during the PRIME MOVERS program are with you for a life time whichever sector you choose to work in afterwards.

Projects that make a difference

We talk to academics, NGOs and companies to find gaps in the market for innovation and impact. Our award winning ventures keep in mind scalability, innovation, systemic changes and more.


Join our growing community of doers who believe in their potential to fundamentally solve challenges in sustainability, gender equality, issues that come with digitalisation, education and more.

Self development

Regardless of how long you stay with PRIME MOVERS, you will be exposed to external growth opportunities as well through our network like workshops, conferences, academies and more. You will get different opportunities to share our network as well. The trainings mentioned above do not include the monthly workshops we organise with experts in the context of ONE DAY: The Stammtisch. We are all about your growth here!

Interested? Applications for the next intake will begin in September 2019.

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Awards and nominations

Winner at Climate Launchpad Austria 2018
Finalist at European Youth Award 2018
Incubatee at RCE Playpark 2018
Finalist at Social Impact Award 2018
Finalist at Reduce Food Waste EU Education Award 2019

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Interested? Applications for the next intake will begin in September 2019.

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